Springdale Farm Market

Explanation for Closure

Out of an abundance of caution, we closed on Tuesday, November 10th for a deep cleaning of the facility.

An outdoor grounds and plant employee has tested positive for COVID 19. This employee has had limited interaction with the public and is not associated with any food, food preparation or food plants.

As a reminder, we've taken every precaution as outlined by the state per safety standards. All our employees are wearing face coverings in addition to gloves. We have installed plexiglass barriers at our registers between our cashiers and customers. We regularly sanitize our counters between customers. We also provide gloves for food shopping and have limited the number of shoppers during busy times.

Per New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy's recent executive orders, all shoppers in any public establishment must wear a face covering. These need not be surgical masks or N95 masks, and in fact, you are urged not to purchase these so first responders and medical personal are able to acquire them. A scarf, a bandanna, or a homemade cloth mask is sufficient enough to help contain the spray that may spread the virus. The idea is your mask protects others; their mask protects you. We are, as always, providing gloves and insisting customers who are food shopping make use of them.

Also, per the Governor's orders, Monday through Thursday from 8AM until 9AM, are reserved for senior citizens and anyone with immune-compromised systems. We ask our customers to respect these times.

Again, this was out of an abundance of caution that closed for a deep cleaning, which was a success. We re-opened on Wednesday, November 11.

Thank you for your understanding and support,

Springdale Farms

1638 South Springdale Road
Cherry Hill, NJ, 08003

Sundays: 8AM - 6PM
Monday - Saturday: 8AM - 7PM

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